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Mitsuru Emi, MD, PhD

Mitsuru Emi, MD, PhD

Mitsuru Emi, MD, PhD
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center
  • Distinguished Professor, Yamagata University Medical School, Hyogo College of Medicine, DNA Chip Research Institute, and, Hokkaido University Medical School, Japan


  • Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan, M.D.
  • Osaka University Graduate School, Osaka, Japan, Ph.D., Medicine/Surgery
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, Postdoctoral training, Human Genetics

Research Focus

Dr. Mitsuru Emi is a professor of medicine/human genetics and a practicing surgeon in Japan with a broad background in surgical oncology, human genetics, and molecular biology. He has been involved in the study of molecular mechanisms of the development and progression of human tumors in order to develop accurate diagnoses and to identify drug targets through understanding the molecular cascade involved in the carcinogenesis.

Through his medical career in Japan, Dr. Emi has witnessed an increasing incidence and mortality of citizens with malignant mesotheliona. He is especially interested in gene-environment interactions in the development of effective prevention measures. He has chosen to become a faculty member of the UH Cancer Center and work under the direction of Dr. Michele Carbone’s thoracic oncology research team which has excelled in the study of malignant mesothelioma in the U.S. and Turkey. Dr. Emi’s research will involve the measurement of genomic alternations, identification of causative genes and specific mutations, RNA profiling, protein analyses, and functional assays through gene targeting.

Selected Publications

  • Sekimoto T, Ishii M, Emi M, Kurogi S, Funamoto T, Hamada H, Chosa E. Segmental copy number loss in the region of Semaphorin 4D gene in patients with acetabular dysplasia. J Orthop Res. 2013, 31:957-61.
  • Yoshikawa Y, Sato A, Tsujimura T, Emi M, Morinaga T, Fukuoka K, Yamada S, Murakami A, Kondo N, Matsumoto S, Okumura Y, Tanaka F, Hasegawa S, Nakano T, Hashimoto-Tamaoki T. Frequent inactivation of the BAP1 gene in epithelioid-type malignant mesothelioma. Cancer Sci. 2012 Feb 9. [Epub ahead of print.]
  • Ueno T, Emi M, Sato H, Ito N, Muta M, Kuroi K, Toi M. Genome-wide copy number analysis in primary breast cancer. Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2012 Mar;16, 1:S31-5. Epub 2012 Feb 8.
  • Yu W, Imoto I, Inoue J, Onda M, Emi M, Inazawa J. A novel amplification target, DUSP26, promotes anaplastic thyroid cancer cell growth by inhibiting p38 MAPK activity. Oncogene 2007; 26:1178-87.
  • Nagahata T, Sato T, Tomura A, Onda M, Nishikawa K, Emi M. Identification of RA13 as a therapeutic target for breast cancer. Endocrine-Related Cancer 2005; 12: 65-73.

Active Grants

  • M. Emi, Principal Investigator
    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 
    award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan.

    “Characterization of structural 
    abnormalities of genes on chromosome 3p21 region among malignant mesotheliomas.” April 1, 2013-March 2016
  • M. Emi, Cooperating Faculty. (H. Yamashita, Principal Investigator)
    Grant-in-Aid, Global COE Program (F05 – Medical Science)
    “Formation of an international network for education and research of molecular epidemiology”
    April 1, 2008-March 31, 2013