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June 30, 2016


University of Hawai'i Cancer Center hosted one of hundreds of summits held around the country on June 29 in conjunction with the Cancer Moonshot Summit held in Washington, DC. The goal of the Cancer Moonshot is to double the rate of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care over the next five years and to ultimately end cancer as we know it.

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Vice President Joe Biden
"The Moonshot cannot be achieved by one person, one organization, one discipline, or even one collective approach," Vice President Biden said. "Solving the complexities of cancer will require the formation of new alliances to defy the bounds of innovation and accelerate the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and — ultimately — a cure. It's going to require millions of Americans speaking Up and contributing what they're able. That's what the Cancer Moonshot Summit is all about."

Goal of the Summit
The Cancer Moonshot Summit was aimed at creating action and fostering collaborations around the goals of the Cancer Moonshot. The Summit will be the very first time that stakeholders representing all types of cancers will convene under one national charge. Attendees at Summits across the nation include leaders representing the entire cancer community–including researchers, doctors, scientists, philanthropists, community oncologists, advocates, patients, and survivors.

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"I will never forget receiving the news that I had a tumor in my pancreas. Now that I am fighting my own battle with pancreatic cancer, I am truly fortunate and grateful that there are those who have devoted their lives to finding a cure. Each breakthrough in cancer research leads us one step closer to ending cancer," said Congressman Mark Takai.

"This nationwide collaboration to both find a cure for cancer and help us deliver innovative treatments more broadly will get us closer to finding better treatments for Hawai'i residents. We must improve our efforts to fight the disease that is the second leading cause of death in Hawai'i," said Dr. Jerris Hedges, dean of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and interim director of the UH Cancer Center.

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