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John A. Burns School of Medicine

John A. Burns School of Medicine PhotoThe John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) is overwhelmingly the primary source of physicians who treat Hawai`i’s citizens. Close to 90% of each entering MD class at JABSOM are Hawai`i residents, demonstrating our continued emphasis on supporting the educational aspirations of our local citizens.

We are a statewide institution. We train our medical students at clinical sites throughout Hawai`i, from `Ele`ele on Kaua`i to North Kohala on Hawai`i Island. The school attracts more than $40 million

annually in external funding for research in the biomedical sciences. In addition to the 264 MD students we train annually we also teach some 150 graduate-level scientists as well as practitioners in Public Health, Medical Technology and Communication Sciences and Disorders. Our residency programs employ more than 225 physicians in post-graduate medical education while they serve at health care sites throughout the State.

We proudly partner with the medical centers in the Hawai`i Cancer Consortium and our colleagues at the University of Hawai`i Cancer Center.

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