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May 24, 2016


HONOLULU – Hula will be studied as a way to increase physical activity for breast, cervical, endometrial, and ovarian female cancer survivors. University of Hawai'i Cancer Center researchers will also study how the activity can affect a person's quality of life.

"Research indicates that physical activity can improve cancer survival as well as well-being and quality of life. However, it can be difficult to maintain physical activity for cancer survivors. Hula is a culturally relevant form of physical activity that people enjoy and it requires participants to engage muscles throughout the body," said Erin Bantum, PhD, associate researcher in the UH Cancer Center's Cancer Prevention and Control Program.

In Hawai'i, women account for an estimated 48 percent of all newly diagnosed cancers according to Hawaii Cancer Facts & Figures. This study has the potential to impact many women in our local community and to demonstrate that increasing physical activity through a culturally relevant mechanism can be beneficial. An anonymous donation for the study of more than $100,000 has allowed the researchers to begin the new project, building on findings from the pilot study, which ran from November 2014 through November 2015. "As we analyze the data from our pilot study, we hope to understand more about the biological and psychosocial benefits that hula has had for our participants. One result that we were pleased with was the high rate of adherence to the hula program, 80 percent of the participants completed the study with an average attendance of 83 percent. "

Researchers are currently recruiting participants for the study. The hula program for cancer survivors will be carried out for six months, twice per week, in addition to being asked to practice outside of class for one hour per week. Interested participants will have the option to join a daytime class at the UH Cancer Center or an early evening class at Pali Momi Medical Center.

Eligibility for study participation Female breast, cervical, endometrial, and ovarian cancer survivors Residing on Oahu and 21 years of age or older Have completed initial treatment 2 months prior Not currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy Participants finished primary treatment a minimum of two months ago and are not currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy.

For more information about the study call 441-8190 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hula Study Flyer: Click Here

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