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Basic Laboratory Science Training

Basic laboratory science research training at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center (UHCC) is performed by independent investigators, who employ cellular and molecular biological, and chemical approaches to study the mechanisms regulating cellular neoplastic transformation, cell growth, gene regulation, and apoptosis. Collaborative efforts are also underway to identify novel modulators of oncogene proteins and cytoskeletal elements from blue-green algae and higher plant natural products. Participating investigators are members of the UHCC Natural Products and Cancer Biology Program. Laboratory training opportunities are also provided by investigators in the Epidemiology Program.

Research is performed in modern, well-equipped laboratories located at the UHCC Kaka'ako campus.

The research training experience of students at UHCC is enriched by formal courses offered by various undergraduate and graduate departments on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, and academic professional discussion groups organized by UHCC.

Contact information:

Cancer Biology Program
(808) 564-5835