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University of Hawaii Cancer Center

The University of Hawaii Cancer Center PhotoThe UH Cancer Center is one of only 69 research organizations in the country designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The NCI-designated Cancer Centers Program:

  • Recognizes centers around the country that meet rigorous criteria for world-class, state-of-the-art programs in multidisciplinary cancer research.
  • Supports centers that have dedicated significant resources to developing research programs, faculty, and facilities that will lead to better approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.
  • Provides grant funding that supports shared resources for research, as well as developmental funds to advance scientific goals. It also fosters cancer programs that draw investigators from different disciplines together.

The benefits of NCI-designation for centers include:

  • Recognition of excellence in cancer research
  • Membership in the community of NCI-designated cancer centers, and a seat at the table where the strategic plans and initiatives of the NCI are formed.
  • Opportunities to represent the needs of local communities in the national dialogue on cancer research issues.
  • Opportunities for extensive information sharing and broader scientific collaborations with other NCI centers

Our scientists and physicians focus on key cancers that affect us in Hawaii. Our work contributes to a global body of knowledge that leads to the development of new life-saving treatments and therapies. We engage in scientific collaborations on an international scale, from clinical trials in the U.S. to partnership programs in Guam, Micronesia and other parts of the Pacific.

Our History

The UH Cancer Center was established by the University of Hawaii Board of Regents in 1981 and prior to 2011, was known as the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii. In its early development, the Center was supported by the National Cancer Institute Planning and Support Grants and in 1979, a construction grant from the NCI coupled with local matching contributions, supported the building of a five-story structure in downtown Honolulu. In 1996, the Center was designated by the NCI and received funding from a Cancer Center Support Grant. Currently, the Center is conducting more than 100 cancer research projects in four interdisciplinary programs.

Our Mission

To reduce the burden of cancer through research, education, and patient care with an emphasis on the unique ethnic, cultural, and environmental characteristics of Hawai`i and the Pacific. Our goal is to create a globally renowned community of science and discovery in Hawai`i by gathering the best and brightest throughout the world to address the challenge of cancer.

Hawaii Cancer Consortium

The Hawai'i Cancer Consortium represents the unified basic, translational and clinical cancer research effort benefiting all citizens of Hawai'i and the Pacific Rim. Together, UH Cancer Center, The Queen's Health System, Hawaii Pacific Health, UH's John A. Burns School of Medicine, and Kuakini Health System share medical expertise, resources and technology, and financial investment in a joint effort to fuel innovative research and deliver world-class cancer care.

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