10th Annual Weinman Symposium

December 14, 2018

World-renowned scientists spoke at the 10th Annual Weinman Symposium. The scientists covered some of the latest cancer research findings, specifically cancer syndromes. Cancer syndromes are genetic disorders in which inherited genetic mutations in one or more genes predispose individuals to the development of cancers. Top scientists from across the nation presented their research findings, and look at opportunities for research collaborations. High school students from Maryknoll School and other students from across the state were here to listen to the researchers.

Webster Cavanee, PhD, received the 10th Weinman Award for outstanding cancer research contribution. Cavanee discovered the existence of tumor suppressor genes in many human cancers. He and his team have also pioneered understanding the genetic basis for glioblastoma, the most lethal and common brain tumor, developed therapies that target these lesions and uncovered several mechanisms of resistance.

The Weinman Symposium is supported by the generosity of the Weinman Foundation.

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