December 14, 2018

8th Annual Quest for a Cure

Leading UH Cancer Center and community scientists spoke at the 8th Annual Quest for the Cure event. Researchers covered some of the latest research findings regarding the microbiome and its relationship with cancer. The microbiome is all of the organisms (or bacteria) within a body and how they work together to protect us from germs, break down food to release energy and produce the vitamins we need. Scientists specifically covered:

  1. Role of microbes in the health of humans and other animals
  2. Clinical perspective of the human microbiome in health and illness
  3. Role of the oral microbiome in health and disease
  4. Impact of diet on the gut microbiome in health and disease
  5. Relationship between the gut microbiome and obesity
  6. Alterations to the human microbiome that lead to liver and bile duct cancer

The Quest for the Cure event gives the island community the opportunity to learn more about emerging cancer research within their own community, here in Hawaiʻi. Over 80 people attended.

The Quest for the Cure event is supported by the generosity of the Friends of the UH Cancer Center.


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