2011 News Articles

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December 2011
Promising Inquiry

December 5, 2011
Legislators Don Hard Hat for Preview

December 2, 2011
Experts Explore Gene-Environment Interaction

November 21, 2011
New Study Identifies Novel Role For PEA-15 Protein In Cancer Growth

November 04, 2011
Local Philanthropist bestows MAJOR gift to new center

November 04, 2011
New Faculty Will Strengthen Cancer Biology Program

November 02, 2011
New Faculty Join University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center

October 20, 2011
International Symposium Explores Genetic Link To Mesothelioma And Other Cancers

October 19, 2011
Sullivan's $3 Million Gift Supports University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center

October 11, 2011
NIH-funded Study Shows Increased Prostate Cancer Risk From Vitamin E Supplements

August 28, 2011
NIH-funded Researchers Discover Genetic Link To Mesothelioma; Identified gene mutation may underlie other cancer types

August 24, 2011
UH Cancer Center and the Queen's Medical Center Receive Major Grant for Liver Cancer Research

July 25, 2011
New study finds cancer-causing mineral in U.S. road gravel
Erionite in North Dakota roads may increase risk of mesothelioma

June 23, 2011
University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center Receives $3.58 Million Gift for Mesothelioma Research

June 16, 2011
University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center Announces Recipient of Weinman Innovator Award

June 15, 2011
New Faculty Enhance UH Cancer Center's Research Programs

May 20, 2011
University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center Hosts Cancer Survivors Day Event

February 22, 2011
New Frontiers: Unraveling Cancer in Hawaiʻi