Community Advisory Board Members

The purpose of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to provide valuable guidance, feedback, and support to the Cancer Center activities and research to ensure the needs of the community are continually engaged and addressed at the UH Cancer Center.

Lani Almanza, American Cancer Society
Cathy Alsup, American Cancer Society
Ronald Balajadia, State of Hawaiʻi, Department of Health
Darlena Chadwick, Queen's Medical Center
Alan Cheung, Adventist Health Castle
Mariana Gerschenson, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Robert Hirokawa, Hawaiʻi Primary Care Association
Randall Holcombe, UH Cancer Center
Daryl Kurozawa, Hawaii Permanente Medical Group
Wade Kyono, Hawaiʻi Pacific Health
Loic Le Marchand, UH Cancer Center (Ad hoc)
Julie Leach, Hawaiʻi Pacific Oncology Center, Hilo Medical Center
Sheree Loui, Susan G. Komen Foundation
Lillian (Kehau) Matsumoto, Cancer Survivor and advocate, ACS 2016 Hero of Hope
Monica McLaren, Friends of the UH Cancer Center

Rolanda Morgan, Susan G. Komen Foundation
Michael Morimoto, The Queen's Medical Center
Paul Morris, Queen's Medical Center
Nana Ohkawa, UH Cancer Center
Diane Ono, Friends of the UH Cancer Center
Malulani Orton, Hawaiʻi Health & Harm Reduction Center
Joe W. Ramos, UH Cancer Center
George Steward, Compassion for Cancer Caregivers
Jannie Steward, Compassion for Cancer Caregivers
Marcus Tius, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Nathan Wong, UH Cancer Center Native Hawaiian Community Advisory Board
Lynne Wooddell, University of Hawaiʻi Foundation
Elizabeth Wright, Hawaiʻi Pacific Health