About the UH Cancer Center

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. The Center's mission is to reduce the burden of cancer through research, education, patient care and community outreach with an emphasis on the unique ethnic, cultural and environmental characteristics of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. The Center is a research organization affiliated with the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa located in Kaka‘ako. The world-class UH Cancer Center was completed in early 2013. The Center directly employs 300 faculty and staff, with another 200 affiliate members through its clinical partners, Adventist Health Castle, Hawaii Medical Service Association, Hawaiʻi Pacific Health, Kuakini Medical Center, The Queen's Health Systems, and UH Mānoa's John A. Burns School of Medicine, which form the Hawaiʻi Cancer Consortium.

Our scientists and physicians focus on key cancers that impact us in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. Yet just as importantly, our work contributes to a global body of knowledge that leads to the development of new life-saving treatments and therapies. We engage in scientific collaborations on an international scale, from clinical trials conducted across the U.S. to partnership programs in Guam, Micronesia and the Pacific.

To solve the toughest questions, we need the brightest minds. We are home to some of the nation's leading cancer experts and we are ambitiously recruiting new talent. Our purpose is to develop new strategies for discovery, drive findings into clinical practice and deliver the optimal outcome when a patient is faced with the prospect of treatment and recovery.

The UH Cancer Center is one of only 71 research organizations in the country designated by the National Cancer Institute. This affiliation requires stringent and constant evaluation, yet brings the distinction of being recognized among the best cancer research institutions in the world.

Our History

The UH Cancer Center was established by the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents in 1981 and prior to 2011, was known as the Cancer Research Center of Hawaiʻi. In its early development, the Center was supported by the National Cancer Institute Planning and Support Grants and in 1979, a construction grant from the NCI coupled with local matching contributions, supported the building of a five-story structure in downtown Honolulu. In 1996, the Center was designated by the National Cancer Institute and received funding from a Cancer Center Support Grant. Currently, the Center is conducting more than 100 cancer research projects in four interdisciplinary programs.

The UH Cancer Center historical timeline from 1971 to present
Historical Timeline