Quest for a Cure: Progress in Cancer Research

Lecture 4: "Learn from the Experts about Pancreatic Cancer"
July 29, 2021

The Quest is an event for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer and wants to learn more about the disease.

Below are recorded presentations and slides from the virtual public education event.

Surgery for Pancreas Cancer - Linda Wong, MD, Associate Member, Cancer Biology Program, University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center; Director, Liver Transplant Program, Queen's Medical Center
Surgery for Pancreas Cancer Slides (PDF)


Personalized Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer - Jared Acoba, MD, Associate Researcher, Cancer Biology Program; Core Clinical Member, Translational and Clinical Research, University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center; Associate Professor, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Personalized Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Slides (PDF)


Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this program the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain the rationale for administering chemotherapy before or after surgery for early stage pancreatic cancer.
  2. Describe biomarker driven therapy for advanced pancreatic cancer.
  3. Explain the differences between curative and palliative surgeries for pancreas cancer.
  4. Describe complications of pancreas surgery.

Event Flier (PDF)