Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS)

All cancer-related protocols at University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center are required to be reviewed by the Protocol Review and Monitoring System, also known as PRMS. Subject enrollment cannot begin until both PRMS and IRB (Institutional Review Board) approvals have been obtained and a Study Activation Notice has been received for that protocol.

Components of the PRMS include:

  1. CRAB - Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB) – aka pre-protocol review and monitoring committee (PRMC) - meets monthly to review feasibility to conduct the trial in a community setting
  2. PRMC – (Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee) - meets monthly to provide scientific review of trials
  3. DSMC – (Data Safety Monitoring Committee) - meets quarterly to review safety data of ongoing trials
  4. EPCRS – (Early Phase Clinical Research Support) - meets as needed to review center-wide investigator initiated early phase trials seeking financial support