Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB) – aka pre-Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (pre-PRMC.)

The authority and responsibilities of the CRAB include:

  1. Provide direction on the selection of research studies in Hawaiʻi community practice setting
  2. Facilitate feasibility discussions amongst community physicians regarding patient enrolment in potential trials
  3. Ensure effective, efficient use of resources in order to provide high quality research to the community

The authority and responsibilities of the PRMC include:

  1. Assess scientific quality and feasibility of protocol objectives, design, and methods
  2. Monitor for adequate scientific progress and continuing importance of objectives
  3. Assess contribution to UH Cancer Center's scientific priorities
  4. Authority to close protocols

INDs for Emergency Use and Single Patient INDs for Compassionate Use DO NOT require PRMC review.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines – Click to view upcoming CRAB/PRMC meeting dates and submission deadlines

For additional information and forms, click to download:

  1. Membership Roster (PRMC)
  2. Protocol Review and Monitoring System Plan
  3. Review Process Flowchart
  4. Types of Review
  5. Protocol Submission Instructions
  6. Protocol Submission Form
  7. Sponsor Letter