Andrew Stenger

V. Andrew Stenger, PhD

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Associate Member, Population Sciences in the Pacific Program (Cancer Epidemiology), University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center

Academic Appointment(s):
Professor (Researcher), Department of Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

PhD, Physics, Ohio State University
MS, Physics, Ohio State University
Postdoctoral, Biomedical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


2016 - Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Research Focus

Stenger is a Professor in the department of Medicine at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) and has been a researcher in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for over twenty years. He has been a Principal Investigator as well as a Co-Investigator on numerous NIH grants and has experience with mentorship and grants administration, including the ethical conduct of human subject research. Stenger has collaborated with numerous clinical researchers to apply MRI methods to study fundamental biology as well as clinical medicine. His research focuses primarily on MRI physics and new biomedical applications of MRI to better diagnose and study human diseases. Stenger develops new MRI acquisitions (pulse sequences) and image reconstruction approaches to provide unique biomarkers within short scan durations with maximal image quality. He currently provides several protocols that are used by the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center on funded research projects and is continuing to develop more protocols for future collaborations.

Selected Publications

Stenger VA, Boada FE, Noll DC. (2000). Three-Dimensional Tailored RF Pulses for the Reduction of Susceptibility Artifacts in T2*-Weighted Functional MRI, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; Vol. 44, pp. 525-531. (PMC3044439).

MacDonald W, Cohen JD, Stenger VA, and Carter CS. (2000). Dissociating the role of Dorsolateral Prefrontal and Anterior Cingulate Cortex in cognitive control. Science; Vol. 288, pp. 1835-1838.

Saekho S, Yip CY, Boada FE, Noll DC, Stenger VA. (2006). A fast-kz tailored RF pulse for reduced B1 inhomogeneity at 3T. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; Vol. 55(4), pp. 719-724. (PMC3076290).

Zhang Z, Yip CY, Grissom W, Noll DC, Boada FE, Stenger VA. (2007). Reduction of transmitter B1 inhomogeneity with transmit SENSE slice-select pulses. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; Vol. 57(5), pp. 842-847. (PMC3041897).

Poser BA, Anderson RJ, Guerin B, Setsompop K, Deng W, Mareyam A, Serano P, Wald LL, Stenger VA. (2014). SMS-pTX: Simultaneous multi-slice acquisition with parallel transmission. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; Vol. 71, pp. 1416-1427 (PMC3830622).

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Active Grants

V.A. Stenger, PI
R01 EB028627
"Radial Echo Volumar Imaging"
06/2020 – 06/2024

V.A. Stenger, Co-I; M. Berry, PI
P20 GM139753
"Integrative Center for Precision Nutrition and Human Health"
12/2021 – 11/2026

V.A. Stenger, Co-I; L. LeMarchand, PI
R01 CA258179
"Effects of Intermittent Energy Restriction on Intra-Abdominal Fat and the Gut Microbiome: A Randomized Trial"
09/2021 – 08/2026