1. Support for study design and planning
    1. Sample size determination
    2. Optimal study design
    3. Randomization schemes
    4. Plans for data management, integration and analysis
    5. Clinical protocol review
    6. Support for grant proposal preparation
  2. Support for data management issues
    1. Development of data systems to monitor study recruitment, milestones, data collection and specimen storage
    2. Review of data collection instruments
    3. Creation of a data flow and integration plan
    4. Advice and monitoring for quality control and validation methods
      1. Biospecimen shipment (including quality control sample size and placement)
        1. Quality control sample size and placement
    5. Consultation on measurement error issues
      1. Incorporation of repeated measures
      2. Design of reproducibility, validation and calibration studies
    6. Advice on and infrastructure for data storage
      1. Servers
      2. Virtual machines
  3. Support for data analysis
    1. Identification and implementation of appropriate statistical analysis methodology and of bioinformatic procedures with the Genomics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource
      1. Cancer incidence and survival
      2. Behavioral interventions
      3. Multiethnic populations
      4. Genetics studies, including population stratification, admixture, and polygenetic risk scores
      5. High dimensional data
      6. Nutritional studies
    2. Identification and implementation of appropriate statistical software or analysis pipelines
    3. Advice on and support for statistical programming (SAS, R, SPSS, M-Plus, PLINK, METAL)
    4. Data analysis software
      1. Troubleshooting for software code
      2. Interpretation of results
  4. Support for manuscript preparation
    1. Review, advice on presentation and interpretation (statistical methods, tables/figures)
    2. Provision of contents of statistical sections
    3. Advice for addressing reviewer critiques
  5. Enhance statistical infrastructure for cancer research at UH Cancer Center
    1. Provision, with the Hawaiʻi Tumor Registry and the Hawaiʻi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, of ethnic-specific denominators and cancer incidence and mortality rates
    2. Support for use of national and local census, nutritional and genomic databases.
      1. American FactFinder Census application
      2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention data (NHANES, BRFSS)
      3. SEER cancer incidence data
      4. Genomics resources
    3. Training of cancer researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and students
      1. Mentoring, Statistical Discussion Group and classes, particularly on aspects of studies in multiethnic populations.