Microscopy, Imaging, and Flow Cytometry Services


  1. Following completion of a user agreement form, training is available at no charge for independent operation of any instrument in the core facility
  2. Workshops for groups are available for:
    1. general microscopy
    2. optical sectioning microscopy
    3. flow cytometry
    4. microscopy data processing & analysis
    5. flow cytometry data analysis


  1. Consultation is available for study design and sample preparation
  2. Guidance on data analysis with various software platforms can be provided, including:
    1. Leica 3D analysis, Metamorph, and ImageJ/FIJI for microscopy
    2. FlowJo for flow cytometry data
    3. LivingImage for IVIS imaging

Extended Technical Assistance

  1. Samples can be imaged/ run and/or analyzed by core facility staff for a prorated fee