Nutrition Support Project

Children’s Healthy Living (CHL) Center of Excellence

The Children’s Healthy Living Program (CHL) for Remote Underserved Minority Populations in the Pacific Region represented the first attempt to investigate the dietary intakes of children residing across this area. The vision of the CHL program was to prevent young child obesity by fostering a health-promoting environment in remote underserved Native populations in the Pacific.

The CHL protocol included asking parents/caregivers to record food and beverage intakes of their children using the CHL Center Food & Activity Log (FAL). A parent/caregiver was assigned two 24-hour periods based on the CHL “two-day” schedule to complete the two-day dietary record. The NSSR assisted with editing and updating the manuals relevant to implementation of the CHL Center Study (e.g., Dietary data entry manual), updated Data Entry Rules, assisted with data entry training, reviewed the accuracy of data entry from the food and activity logs, provided quality control checks, provided FAL related variable information to the data dictionary and other duties as needed for successful implementation of dietary assessment activities of CHL Center.

Examples of manuscripts from the CHL Study:

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